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Food, Energy & Body Wisdom Program

A multi-leveled series of courses guiding you on your journey from beginner to advanced practitioner of macrobiotic principles


Beginner Level

A self-paced course perfect for those thinking about making the transition to a plant-based diet 

Levels 1 - 5

Live lectures, pre-recorded cooking demonstrations (with recipes), and individual coaching

Level 1:  Food as Nutrition/lifestyle choices

Level 2:  Food as Energy/lifestyle balance

Level 3:  Food as Medicine/lifestyle self-care (Part 1)

Level 4:  Food as Medicine/lifestyle self-care (Part 2)

Level 5:  Self-transformation/lifestyle integration

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What MGI students are saying:

Level 2 was well organized, and a wonderful addition to my macrobiotic practice.  
Sheri, Patricio and Lorraine made a great team, as well as being excellent teachers.  
I have been practicing Macrobiotics for 35 years; this course helped me to refine my practice and expand my cooking repertoire.  I looked forward to the topics covered each week, from an indepth lecture on yin and yang, to lifestyle practices, to global awareness and climate change.
In addition, the recipes and cooking videos were top notch.  I’ve tried most of them already, and enjoyed them with family and friends.  
I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to feel more healthy, vibrant, and more in control of their own health, and hence their life!- 
- Anita D.

MGI's Mission


We believe knowing how to heal yourself brings freedom. 


This freedom changes the course of personal journeys, society, and ultimately, the world.  


The mission of the Macrobiotic Global Institute (MGI) is to guide and support individuals through their transformative journey to enhanced health and greater happiness.  MGI offers accessible, relevant, and inclusive educational and experiential programs about food culture, lifestyle, self-care, and awareness.


The success of MGI is measured by the transformation of our students' health and well-being and their positive impact on the world.

Food Culture

We are what we eat.  We promote a Macrobiotic-style, whole food, plant-based eating practice that is healthy, nutritious, and enjoyable.  We are dedicated to developing a sustainable global food culture that embraces individual requirements, social considerations, and environmental adaptations.  The scope of our teaching spans agriculture and food processing, distribution, and cooking, with an underlying and deep respect for tradition and heritage.


A natural and balanced lifestyle is essential for the restoration of personal and planetary health.  How we conduct our daily life impacts our world.  We teach a way of life that is gentle for both people and the planet and we provide practical tools and guidance to help people successfully implement changes.


Our modern approach to Macrobiotics emphasizes prevention and maintenance, as well as relief and healing.  Recovering and maintaining health and well-being is critically needed today.  We take a comprehensive, proactive approach to health that is accessible to everyone based on food choices, cooking and lifestyle.


Embracing a mindset of openness and curiosity leads to growth and improvements within ourselves that reverberate in the world around us.  We provide education and coaching that encourage personal development and a joyful, more fulfilling life.  Our inclusive approach integrates traditional wisdom with modern knowledge to achieve a broader, more holistic view of ourselves and life.  

The Macrobiotic Global Institute is now registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  


Donations will be used to promote increased health and wellness of individuals throughout the world.  Examples include:

  • Scholarships to MGI's paid programs
  • Documentary films and books that support the education of young and old alike
  • Educational programs in Sub-Saharan Africa designed to reach underserved communities
  • Funding of free events used to raise awareness and foster inclusivity

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